PLC & HMI Design and commissioning of complex automation systems

Lean manufacturing objectives and modern industrial automation systems require reliable, easy to maintain PLC controls. Whether your requirement is for the automation of machines, additions or modifications to the existing plant processes or a completely new design and implementation project, our ability to work on numerous automation platforms allows us to expertly support your needs, according to your PLC platform requirements.

SCADA systems for business automation, supervision and control

When implementing the first SCADA system, updating a current one, or simply looking for a partner to help you sort through the options, we will support you in every step towards business growth, improving operational efficiency and taking plant performance to the next level. Our agile development process involves You, as our customer, in every iteration to clearly present information, intuitively design system controls, and simplify navigation through the panels of SCADA systems we create together.

Design and production of automation cabinets

Din Sistemi’s cabinet production is one of the main pillars in implementing automation solutions. We build and commission complete solutions for buildings, plants and machinery equipment which are based on our experience and meticulous approach towards the quality in the design of the cabinets, impeccable in-house wiring and thoroughly planned and tested on-site installations. Our seasoned electricians are experienced in cabinet construction for electrical applications, measurement, control, and regulation technology. We follow quality assurance processes that guarantee delivery of products that work according to the customer’s specifications and European quality standards. Each cabinet is accompanied by detailed design and implementation documentation, to simplify the commissioning process for the technicians on-site.